Residence:  Los Angeles Height:  5'4" Weight:  125 Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Brown Nationality:  British Languages:  English
film and televison
Making It TV Executive Director: Sarah Attril
The Finishing School Stacey Director: Nicole Smith
Chronicles of Ruby Jade Personal Trainer Director: Jake Hurwitz
The Gift Dia
Get That Number Supporting Director: Steven Leeds
Captain My Captain The Queen Complex Theater Hollywood
Wedding Band Julia Puerto Rican Traveling Theater
Brown Silk and Magenta Sunsets Fendi Puerto Rican Traveling Theater
The Wine In The Wilderness Tommy Union Square Theater

List available upon request.

Bachelor of Arts Brooklyn College Theater Program /
Tisch School of Arts NYU
High School Diploma Equiv. Ernesford Grange Coventry, England
Acting Improv Cliff O’Connell Los Angeles City College LA
Scene Study Charles Waxberg Private Coaching NYC
Master Class Nathaniel George Private Coaching NYC
Theatre Training Misc. Puerto Rican Traveling Theater NYC
Advanced Scene Study Alba Oms Puerto Rican Traveling Theater NYC
Audition Tech & Improv Wendy Dillion Puerto Rican Traveling Theater NYC
Pantomime Juan Miguel Concepcion Puerto Rican Traveling Theater NYC
special skills
  • Dance
  • Sports
    • Marathon Runner
    • Sprinter
    • Boxing
    • Cycling
    • Rollerblading
    • Aerobics
    • Anaerobics
  • Dialects
    • British
    • African
    • Caribbean
  • *Valid Passport